The X-raying of control devices, modules or components is one of the most important non-destructive analysis to gain insight. Quite often e.g. soldering defects can be identified, which no longer can be found after the device has been opened or components have been desoldered.


With angled radiation cracks, cavities and other defects that might have caused the failure or might lead to a failure are recognisable, depending on the test pieces (prior damages). An X-ray analysis is generally recommended for supposed soldering problems or cracks that are to be expected due to the failure description or the known failure mechanisms.


Especially in case of intermittent fields or fields with a high NTF (No Trouble Found) rule an X-ray analysis can be helpful and save a lot of trouble.

TSQE cooperates with GE (phoenix x-ray), based on a longterm, common analysis experience. With modern, high-resolution X-ray systems real 3D computer tomographies can also be created.


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