Organization Standards, Guidelines... Link Comments
VDA-QMC (VDA Quality Management Center) Procurement of all VDA documents and publications. Hardcopies or downloads are subject to charge.
AEC (Automotives Electronic Council) Qualifications, AEC Q100 (IC), AEC Q101 (Discrete), AEC Q200 (Passive)... Free downloads of standards after registration with AEC.
AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) Procurement of all AIAG publications e.g. APQP, PPAP... Hardcopies or downloads are subect to a charge (significant reductions for members).
Beuth Publishing (Ltd.) Procurement of all standards and guidelines. All standards are subject to a charge and may not be passed on to third parties.
JEDEC (Solid State Technology Association before Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council) Standards for the complete microelectronics, particularly semiconductor components e.g. JEP122 Failure Mechanisms. Global standards for the microelectronics industry.